Why to invest to SingulairtyNFT?
Solid Long Playing Marketing Concept & Tokenomics - Gaming Ecosystem
Ecosystem contains NFT collection, Games for playing with NFTs and CryptoCurrency for ingame rewards and purchases and exchange.
Universal NFTs
SingularityNFTs are Universal, which means they can be used for playing in multiple games (We have beta AtomBall and Concept art).
NFTs are based on the “Molecular model”, when each NFT consists of 4 atoms.
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Play to Earn Singularity Games
SingularityNFTs have the “Rock-paper-scissors+random” principle, so they can be used for various Gaming concepts. We have plans to make up to 10 games.
AtomBall Beta
NFTs owners can play with them like with cards. Each ‘atom’ hits the atom of the opponent. Check the game here
Pandemia. You can build your virus and fight for life against other viruses. We now have the concept art and the idea. We need investments to implement this game.
GameEthere (GAMETH) Cryptocurrency - is a token that can be used to buy Gaming features, get gaming Rewards, and Staking.
Our roadmap focuses on the long run, we want our project to be a positive driving force in the NFT and Crypto Space!
Mint 10K of NFTs
Game Beta
List for sale 1K Molecules
Mint GameEther (GAMETH) crypto
Build Tokenomics infrastructure
List for sale rest NFTs
Build Pandemia Game
*We are working according to a Lean workflow, which means we analyze the market and correct our plans according to market reaction.
Founder, UX-UI Designer.
Blockchain & Backend dev.
Marketer & Moderator.
We need Investments to implement our plans. Develop the crypto infrastructure, promote and create new games!
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