NFTs - The universe consists of four elementals
Universal NFTs can be used in multiple Games.
Each elemental has unique power
The material world consists of Atoms. And Atoms consist of mixed Elementals. Fire, Earth, and Water elementals correlate with each other and can be mixed. The shape of one elemental takes the color of another. Just an Air (sky) elemental is insoluble. Never mix. There are 10 atoms in the universe.
Our bodies, planets, and Space consist of Molecules. Each molecule consists of 4 atoms. They are 10K unique molecules which never repeat!
Not all molecules are equal! We have rare “Minerals”, very rare “Crystals”, and super rare “Gems”. The most expensive are Gems.

We plan price starting price for common molecules price: 0.007 eth.

There are 1875 “Minerals” - molecules that contain atoms with the specific elemental. For example: Molecular formula: (Earth-Fire) - (Earth-Fire) - (Fire-Water) - (Fire) contains Fire in each atom. There are Fire, Earth, and Water “minerals” - 625 of each type. Starting price for a "Mineral": 0.07 eth.

There are 256 “Crystals” or Elemental Molecules - molecules that consist just of clean elemental atoms: Fire, Earth, Water, and Sky. For example: Formula: (Earth) - (Earth) - (Earth) - (Fire). Starting price for a "Crystal": 0.7 eth.

Most pressures are “Gems”: molecules that consist of just one elemental. There are 6 of them. For example: (Earth-Fire) - (Earth-Fire) - (Earth-Fire) - (Earth-Fire). Starting price for a "Gem": 7 eth.

And there are "Elemental Dimonds": Molecules which consists of clear elemental atoms. For example: (Fire)-(Fire)-(Fire)-(Fire). There are just 4 of them!
Boring Notes
This SingularityNFT Project is based on our vision of the NFT market:
  • It should be a limited amount. The most typical number of NFTs in one collection is 10,000. So the combinatorics is based on the simple principle: 10 unique items in combination of 4. The combined amount is exactly 10K no more no less.
  • All NFTs should be unique. And it should be clear that each token is unique.
  • Simple to recognition of uniqueness. The human mind’s specifics is that it can easily recognize human faces. This is why autogenerated faces collections are popular. Now we try the hypothesis of simple recognition of geometry figures and colors.
  • It should be aesthetic. NFT collections art should look nice. Better looking NFTs cost more. But it is not always the primary factor. I offer the beauty of simplicity. Geometric objects size composition based on principles of size perception.
  • It should have a story or concept behind it. Some collections offer the environment where their NFT characters live, similar to games worlds. Some collections offer not just environments but the whole concepts. I offer the Molecular concept.
  • Primacy principle. It should the first of its kind if it is possible. It really increases its value. An example - is crypto punks.
  • Zero Gas fee. We created this collection on Polygon sidechain, which has free gas fee experience. Which means no losses while trading. Even with less cost, you will get the same income compared to Ethereum tokens.
Well, we used all these principles to create this awesome collection: limited, uniqueness, simplicity, concept, primacy, no trading losses.
We need Investments to implement our plans. Develop the crypto infrastructure, promote and create new games!
Invest in SingularityNFT!
Let’s 'Moon together'!

SingularityNFT 2022