Singularity Games
Play to Earn Games which you can play with SingularityNFTs and get rewards with GAMETH
Strike your ‘Atoms’ from NFT ‘Molecules’ with your opponent ‘Atoms’. Water Elemental wins Fire Elemental, Fire wins Earth etc. You need to have three SingularityNFTs to get Rewards. But you can play the demo, try it now!
Pandemia. You can build your virus and fight for life against other viruses. We now have the concept art and the idea. We need investments to implement this game.
We have a lot of other cool and simple to implement games concepts where you will play with SingularityNFTs.
We need Investments to implement our plans. Develop the crypto infrastructure, promote and create new games!
Invest in SingularityNFT!
Let’s 'Moon together'!
SingularityNFT 2022